Vision and Masterplan 2050

Our 2050 Vision

It is nearly three years since Aylesbury was awarded Garden Town status and given a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve the lives of our community.

Since that time we have been listening and engaging with the many different groups that make Aylesbury the great place that it is and have used that feedback to shape our Vision for 2050 for Aylesbury Garden Town and you can now read a copy of the document. The Vision recognises that Aylesbury is not a new Town and builds on Aylesbury’s heritage and existing strengths and looks to the future opportunities as a Garden Town.

The Masterplan is being produced in two stages. Stage One sets out our 2050 Vision and you can now read this document and let us know if you share the same aims and ambition by filling in the comment box below.

The AGT Masterplan is town-wide, covering both the existing built up area of Aylesbury including the town centre and the residential and employment development sites at the edge of Aylesbury identified in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP). The Masterplan is an advisory and guidance framework. It supports and provides further guidance in relation to the Policies contained within the VALP, covering the period to 2033. It also looks beyond the 2033 VALP period, and identifies further opportunities and aspirations, setting clear ambitions and an identity for the Garden Town to 2050.Stage Two is the more detailed AGT Masterplan which explains how the AGT Vision will be delivered through a comprehensive and co-ordinated town-wide plan. A public consultation on the Masterplan will commence on Monday 6 January to Monday 3 February. 

Each chapter of the Masterplan deals with a different aspect of the Vision, including green and blue infrastructure, movement, economic and social objectives, local centres, sustainability and neighbourhood design.

In order to support the planned growth for the town, the Aylesbury Transport Strategy has been drawn up, which identifies a range of measures to help manage the impact of new development. You can find out more here.

Key documents and their status

The Masterplan is accompanied by the AGT 2050 Vision brochure. It supports and provides further guidance in relation to the Policies contained within the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) covering the period to 2033, in particular Policy D1 Delivering Aylesbury Garden Town, and supporting site specific policies and Aylesbury Town Centre policy D1.


As we draw up a masterplan for Aylesbury Garden Town, one of the key aims is to ensure that it incorporates new ideas and technology. Representatives from some of the UK’s most forward-thinking cities have shared their knowledge with us. We’ve spoken with key strategists from Peterborough, which won the World Smart City Award in 2015, and also Milton Keynes Futures 2050, to hear what they’re doing to ensure their cities continue to grow and prosper. And we’ve also met with digital analysts and sustainable housing experts, including Amazon Web Services and the Building Research Establishment, who’ve helped us think about what might be possible. Watch the video below to hear what some of them had to say: