Aylesbury Garden Town (AGT) is working in partnership with Community Grow and St. Peter’s Church in Quarrendon to transform a green space at the church into an edible growing space for the whole community to enjoy.

Using church land next to St. Peter’s, in the heart of Quarrendon, a community garden has been growing on nicely tended by local people including children, families, the church community, older people and volunteers.

A launch event took place today to celebrate the first Aylesbury Garden Town’s sponsored community garden. Set up by local resident, Dave Furze, who’s passionate about bringing communities together and who has a vision of a place for people not just plants. Along with the benefits of being outside and exercising with others the garden is also a chance to make a space that everyone can enjoy and use. It will be a place for young and old to garden, everyone to exercise or just somewhere to enjoy, sit and chat.

The project is based on ‘Five Ways to mental wellbeing; which are to:

  • connect with people
  • be active
  • take notice of the world around you
  • keep learning and try something new
  • give some time to help others.

Cllr. Bill Chapple OBE, Chairman of Aylesbury Garden Town Delivery Board said, ‘I ‘m impressed that the vision to create a community space for all has been realised through the partnership with Aylesbury Garden Town. It is a delight to see how this food growing scheme has brought the local community together. Community gardening is a great way to connect with others and means a cleaner and greener place to live.’

‘This is a great first example of what we are trying to achieve with the Aylesbury Garden Town and I look forward to visiting many more community grow gardens in the future.’

Dave Furze, Community Grow said, ‘Community Grow is about teaching families about healthy eating and giving children a chance to learn about food, while green exercise in linked to better mental and physical health.’

‘For people that don’t have a garden it means they have the chance to share the benefits of gardening, play a part in helping others, have a chance to meet new people and form stronger neighbourhoods.’

Rev. Pete Wheeler, Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, said, ‘Having the the community grow garden at St. Peters has been a great way of getting to know our neighbours even better. We have a vision at St. Peters to make Quarrendon the most caring community in Aylesbury and we welcome everyone to the garden”.

Community Grow is looking for more local areas to cultivate. If you’d like to get involved in Community Grow in Quarrendon, or you’re interested in starting a similar project in Aylesbury, email Dave Furze at info.communitygrow@gmail.com.