Free to access and use, the Aylesbury Travel app lets people find and choose the best way to walk, cycle or wheel around Aylesbury giving residents, workers, and visitors a range of sustainable choices for getting around the town.

There are many benefits to walking and cycling including keeping active, improving health and general wellbeing whilst also reducing the environmental impact of travel.

The web-based app will help people to choose to walk, cycle or wheel for short journeys and to make their journey around Aylesbury in a sustainable way. Our aim is to make Aylesbury accessible for everyone and the app also indicates which routes are suitable for those with impaired mobility of using wheelchairs.

Simple to access just visit and locate the app on the home page. The app provides a series of layered maps showing the Gemstone cycling network, rights of way, national cycling routes, canal tow paths, points of interest and the Town Council’s Heritage Trail around town together with places to eat and drink.

Chairman of Aylesbury Garden Town Board, Cllr. Steve Bowles said: “The Aylesbury travel app will provide a ‘one stop shop’ so that people can see all the sustainable options for getting around Aylesbury at a glance. All you have to do is open the app and decide whether you want to walk or wheel and then see what routes are available.”

Choosing to travel in an environmentally friendly way has so many benefits. It will save us money, improve our physical and mental wellbeing, improve air quality by lowering carbon emissions. “

The Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan sets an ambitious target that by 2050, 50% of all trips to work and school originating in Aylesbury will be made by sustainable transport.

Access the Aylesbury Travel App