To celebrate International Parklet Day the Aylesbury Garden Town team will create a pop-up parklet space in Kingsbury on Friday 20 September.

The idea of a parklet is to highlight alternative ways that car parking spaces can be used and to rethink how public space is used. Walking is the most common way for people to get around Aylesbury and many people, including older and disabled people and people with kids, need regular rest stops while walking. However, car parking dominates kerbside space with little provision for pedestrians to rest along their route. Pavements are often too narrow to place benches on them.

Visitors to the parklet had an opportunity to submit their views on the parklet, suggest other locations of where they think a parklet would help their community and to submit their ideas on how Aylesbury can be made greener and more sustainable.

We are looking to roll-out a permanent people ‘parklet’ programme across Aylesbury Garden Town, both within the town centre and in the surrounding areas. Ultimately, we would like to see a people parking bay or parklet in every street in Aylesbury. We will be looking to run a competition in 2020 asking local people to design a parklet that can then be replicated across the area for this purpose.

Cllr. Bill Chapple OBE, Chairman of Aylesbury Garden Town Delivery Board said, ‘Ensuring people have a choice to walk and cycle is a priority for Aylesbury Garden Town and we are pleased to support this international day.

This is a new and innovative way for people to be given an opportunity to stop, enjoy the town, socialise and connect. We want to encourage people to rethink how we can best use public spaces and to encourage more people to leave the car at home and to walk or cycle when making their way to work, school or into town.

International Parklet Day takes place on the third Friday of September turning grey parking places into liveable creative spaces by transforming parking lots into parks, gardens and playgrounds.