Inspirational speakers from some of the UK’s most forward-thinking cities have visited the team working on Aylesbury Garden Town, to share their insight. In a series of Innovation Sessions, key strategists from Peterborough, which won the 2015 World’s Smart City Award and Milton Keynes Futures: 2050, talked about what they were doing to ensure their cities continue to grow and prosper.

Other presenters at the sessions included digital analysts and renewable energy experts, who carried out workshops on what might be possible in a Garden Town of the future. Aylesbury Garden Town Delivery Board Chair, Cllr Neil Blake said, “The Innovation Sessions gave us some great food for thought, with ideas on alternative transport systems, sustainable home building and futuristic waste disposal systems, to name a few. It was fascinating to hear what has been achieved in the UK and across the globe, as we look for new approaches to design, that could be incorporated into Aylesbury Garden Town.”

Aylesbury received Garden Town status from the government earlier this year. It recognised the town as one of the key places for growth in Britain and brought with it the opportunity to receive additional funding to help ensure it is a well-designed environment, with good infrastructure, quality green spaces and job opportunities. So far Aylesbury Garden Town has been awarded £965,000 in grants from the Department of Communities and Local Government and the project is being lead by the Programme Delivery Team, with representatives from Aylesbury Vale District Council, Buckinghamshire County Council and the two Local Enterprise Partnerships (Buckinghamshire Thames Valley and South East Midlands).

The Team are working on the masterplan for the Garden Town and early next year will be consulting with the local community, as well as businesses, key partners like the NHS,transport providers, developers and landowners, to hear how they’d like Aylesbury Garden Town to evolve.

Clare Manders, Aylesbury Garden Town Project Manager said, “These are exciting times for Aylesbury. Garden Town status gives us the chance to make it the best possible place to live, work and visit. We are delighted to be hearing from innovators who are working on how to improve both the built and natural environment, so we can consider how these solutions could work here in Aylesbury.”

More Innovation Sessions are planned for 2018. If you would like to register your interest in receiving updates on Aylesbury Garden Town and helping us to prepare a draft masterplan, please go to