Aylesbury Existing Town Area

Aylesbury Existing Town Area

Around 700 new homes have been built since 2013, around 2,250 more have planning permission and another 489 are planned through allocations in the emerging Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan.

There is also a Town Centre Plan in place, which works alongside the VALP, to ensure that by 2033 Aylesbury will have a thriving and revitalised town centre. The vision in the Town Centre Plan is that Aylesbury will:

…be a high profile, sub-regional centre for entertainment and the arts, which has added a distinctive edge to its market town heritage.

…be a distinctive, ‘best in class’, modern market town, which is attractive, safe, sustainable and accessible.

…provide a quality, day and evening environment in terms of leisure, retail and food and drink, which attracts and brings together people of all ages and communities from within its enviable catchment.

A multi-million pound regeneration programme is already underway, which has enabled the development of the Waterside Theatre and canal basin area, as well as The Exchange, which provides a mix of town centre living, dining and new public space in the heart of the town.

Other key projects include:

  • The rejuvenation of Kingsbury as a key heritage area and gateway to the Old Town, along with work to preserve and protect the town’s historic buildings
  • Continued work to attract new retail and leisure opportunities to Market Square, Walton Street and Friars Square
  • Improvements to the railway and bus stations, to create a new public transport hub
  • Work to create better links between the town centre and Vale Park and the Grand Union Canal, to create a more accessible green infrastructure network in the town
  • Support Aylesbury’s growth as a centre for entertainment and the arts, building on existing attractions such as the Waterside Theatre, Queen’s Park Arts Centre and the Buckinghamshire County Museum and Road Dahl Children’s Gallery

You can read more about the Town Centre Plan here