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Aylesbury Garden Town

Aylesbury Garden Town

Aylesbury Garden Town

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The name ‘Garden Town’ comes from the Garden City movement of urban planning, created at the end of the 19th century. The concept was all about well-planned, sustainable towns – and that still applies today!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about what becoming a garden town will mean for Aylesbury:

Will this mean a new town is constructed in Aylesbury?2020-09-28T21:44:36+01:00

No, there is no new town planned. Garden Town status provides the opportunity to receive additional funding so that Aylesbury can become a well-designed area with good infrastructure, quality green spaces and new job opportunities.

What does this mean for housing growth in Aylesbury?2020-09-28T21:45:23+01:00

The main reason that Aylesbury has received Garden Town status from the government is because it is recognised as one of the key areas for growth in the UK. There are just over 16,000 new homes planned by 2033, as set out in the emerging Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan. Garden Town status will provide the support to better plan and develop this housing, as well as ensure new and existing development within the town works well alongside each other.

Will this make Aylesbury greener?2020-09-28T21:46:14+01:00

Aylesbury is surrounded by beautiful countryside and its location in Buckinghamshire and proximity to the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are part of what makes the town such an attractive place to be. In creating a Garden Town, the plan must include green spaces and natural environments for local communities. Developers will have to take our Garden Town status into account when proposing new developments through the Local Plan process. They’ll need to include more open spaces, trees walking and cycle ways – and our planners will need to do the same when renovating any areas.

What about jobs?2020-09-28T21:48:16+01:00

It’s not just about housing and infrastructure; alongside homes we also planning for new jobs over the next 15 years. Being a Garden Town will make Aylesbury a more attractive place to live and work. This will businesses a further incentive to locate in and around the town, resulting in many opportunities for employment, both directly and indirectly. In 2015, three strategic sites in the Aylesbury Vale area, at Silverstone, Westcott Venture Park and Arla/Woodlands (near Aylesbury) secured Enterprise Zone status, which helps to attract businesses to the area.

How will the Garden Town impact on other infrastructure, facilities and services in the town?2020-09-28T21:48:52+01:00

With a large population, comes a greater demand on services, from healthcare and transport, to leisure and retail. We therefore need to make sure that the town is prepared to deal with growth and that growth is delivered in a sustainable way. We will be working with service providers, including the local Clinical Commissioning Group (responsible for planning healthcare), educational establishments, utilities providers, businesses, landowners and a wide range of other key community members, to ensure we plan for the growth and change.

What will it mean for the villages around Aylesbury?2020-09-28T21:49:41+01:00

We will protect and enhance the character and setting of the historic villages around Aylesbury. Improved cycle and pedestrian links will connect the village settlements that surround the town. We want to work closely and positively with all the villages to help make sure Aylesbury’s Garden Town status benefits everyone.

How are you planning on dealing with more traffic?2020-09-28T21:50:18+01:00

Garden Town status will let us tackle road and infrastructure issues more effectively as we’ll be able to work in greater detail with developers, which in turn will give us access to other government funding. This will complement the proposed transport improvements set out in the draft local plan, as well as the Aylesbury Transport Strategy, which is currently being created to better provide for the town’s transport needs. Improving connectivity, particularly with sustainable modes of transport, is also a priority, so we will ensure moving around the town is easier.

Doesn’t the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) include proposals for the future of Aylesbury?2020-09-28T21:51:41+01:00

Yes; and the AGT Masterplan will adhere to the policies set out in the VALP.

What is the difference between the VALP and the AGT Masterplan?2020-09-28T21:52:31+01:00

The VALP is the statutory plan (required by law) for the whole of the district of Aylesbury Vale, covering the period through to 2033. It sets out how the district will accommodate national housing growth demand and encourage more investment, employment and opportunity, thus enabling Aylesbury Vale to thrive. It meets the need for 28,600 new homes in the Vale by 2033, over half of which are either already built or have planning permission. The policies in the VALP identify Aylesbury as a Garden Town and recognise the key role that the town will play as the county town for Buckinghamshire and a focus for economic growth and development.

The VALP was submitted for examination in February 2018, following extensive public consultation and involvement. Following the examination hearings in July 2018, the plan has reached the next key stage in the process during 2019, which has been to assess the public comments received on the main modifications proposed as part of the hearings. An independent planning inspector will then make a final decision; and if the plan is deemed to be sound it will be adopted by the local authority.

The AGT masterplan will provide further guidance in relation to the policies contained in the VALP and looks beyond the period of the local plan (2033), identifying further opportunities and aspirations, setting out clear ambitions and an identity for the Garden Town to 2050. The Masterplan is not a statutory plan; but will become council policy. It will therefore be document used to inform wider local authority decision making on implementing the aspirations for Aylesbury and acts as a promotional for future funding bids.

What does the Masterplan contain?2020-10-06T12:15:20+01:00

Each chapter of the Draft Masterplan deals with a different aspect of the Vision, including green and blue infrastructure, movement, economic and social objectives, local centres, sustainability and neighbourhood design. Aims and objectives are set out for each of these topics. In addition, a range of projects are identified to help deliver these aims and objectives. The various topics (or layers) come together to create a comprehensive plan for Aylesbury Garden Town.

Where can I get a copy of the Masterplan?2020-12-09T17:36:27+00:00

You can visit our website and download a copy of the Draft Masterplan. Hard copies of the document are also in libraries across Aylesbury Vale and in the reception area of the offices of Aylesbury Town Council, Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council.

View The Masterplan page
I have a disability – can you provide the Masterplan in alternative formats?2020-10-06T12:15:06+01:00

Yes, we can supply a large print version of the Draft Masterplan, or a USB stick with the document on it. Please contact us to discuss your needs on 01296 585279, or

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