Work on the Masterplan began in 2018 and following two years of consultation and engagement with residents, businesses, community and voluntary groups a 2050 Vision document and Masterplan was produced.

The Masterplan was approved by Buckinghamshire Council in July 2020.

Together, the Vision and Masterplan, set out the aims and ambitions to transform Aylesbury Garden Town into an innovative, vibrant and healthy town, building on Aylesbury’s heritage and strengths to look to its future opportunities as a Garden Town.

The Masterplan is focussed around:

  • improving the quality of new housing developments and neighbourhoods

  • regenerating Aylesbury town centre to form the cultural, social and retail heart

  • using ‘smart’ technology across the town and creating new employment opportunities

  • developing green corridors, including the Gardenway orbital park that will encircle Aylesbury, to enable people to travel in an active and healthy way

  • working with our communities to help them create an inclusive place where everyone can enjoy a high quality of life.

The Masterplan looks beyond the 2033 VALP period with each chapter focusing on a different aspect of the Vision, including green and blue passages, movement, economic and social objectives, local centres, sustainability and neighbourhood design.

At the centre of our vision is to create an Aylesbury for everyone, this will be delivered through a series of eight interrelated principles.

Putting the Town Centre First

In 2033 Aylesbury Town Centre will be a thriving community and commercial
heart. It will be a destination, a place to live and a place of exchange, commerce,
and leisure, that goes beyond just retail.

An Innovation and Investment Hub

An innovation and investment hub Aylesbury will be a prime location for investment and job creation in Buckinghamshire. It will capitalise on its position within the Oxford-Cambridge Arc to grow jobs and businesses, attracting investment due to its high-quality business and living environment.

A Green and Healthy Garden Town

A web of green and blue infrastructure provides the ‘garden’ in Garden Town. As a result of the Garden Town project, Aylesbury’s communities are better
connected to the countryside and the Chiltern Hills. The town’s waterways have been revealed and naturalised, streets are greener and outdoor spaces are more
accessible, biodiverse and active.

Aylesbury on the Move

In 2033 people choose to walk, cycle, or use public transport for everyday journeys within Aylesbury, because it is easy to navigate and has an integrated
and inclusive transport system. Residents benefit from active lifestyles and streets are people-friendly places. By 2050 at least 50% of trips originating in the Garden Town will be made by sustainable modes.

Distinctive Garden Communities

Aylesbury will be a showcase for new approaches to housing delivery and design. Garden communities, each with a distinctive design character, will provide varied, beautiful neighbourhoods that Aylesbury’s residents are proud to call home.

The Highest Quality of Life for All

In 2033 Aylesbury Garden Town will support the highest quality of life for its diverse population, through the provision of accessible local centres and neighbourhood hubs with community facilities that meet the needs of all.

A Smart and Sustainable Garden Town

In 2033 technology will be used to help make Aylesbury a better, more resilient and sustainable place. By 2050 Aylesbury’s integrated data services will make life
easier for residents and ensure access to local and strategic services.

Integrated Delivery

Aylesbury will be delivered with long-term ambition and sustained partnerships between the community, public and private sectors. Expectations placed upon
delivery partners will be increased, but the returns will be greater. Aylesbury Garden Town will be an aspirational place to develop, work and live.

Key Documents

Additional Documents and their Status

Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan

The Aylesbury Garden Town Masterplan is town-wide and is lined up to the policies in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan which cover the period to 2033. In particular, policy SPD1 Delivering Aylesbury Garden Town and supporting site specific policies and the Aylesbury Town Centre policy. You can access the VALP here.

Access the VALP
image represents the housing growth through new developments
image shows cycles illustrating one of the key objectives to provide alternative sustainable routes for travel

The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

In order to support the planned growth for the town, the Aylesbury Transport Strategy identifies a number of ways to help manage the impact of the new housing developments and looks at what measures can be taken to improve active travel, walking, wheeling and cycling, around Aylesbury. You may want to find out more here and a copy of the Local Cycling and Walking Implementation Plan (LCWIP) can be found on our website here.

Aylesbury Transport Strategy
Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

Aylesbury Garden Town Infrastructure and Design Supplementary Planning Document

This supplementary planning document (SPD) is currently in production and when finalised and approved will then sit alongside the Masterplan.

This SPD will provide more detail on what transport improvements; education facilities; energy networks etc. are needed to to support the aims of the Masterplan.

A public consultation on this document will be held in 2021.

AGT Masterplan Map July 2020 Sml