What’s the big idea?

What's the big idea?

The vision for Aylesbury Garden town is set out in the emerging Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan, which says:

By 2033, it will have grown and be an inclusive, innovative and forward-looking Garden Town that meets the needs and aspirations of existing and new residents, businesses and visitors. Aylesbury Garden Town will be a key hub, a place to visit, with public transport and interchange offering a diverse choice of travel modes, and a recognised centre for investment and growth providing new jobs and opportunities for all. Aylesbury Garden Town will have:

  • a thriving and revitalised town centre
  • quality homes, facilities, infrastructure and job opportunities
  • distinctive garden communities each with their own identity
  • high quality, connected green space and good connections to its rural surroundings
  • walking, cycling and sustainable transport links

You can find the more detailed vision, along with the guiding principles for the development of Aylesbury Garden Town, in the emerging Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan here.

In order to support the planned growth for the town, the Aylesbury Transport Strategy has been drawn up, which identifies a range of measures to help manage the impact of new development. You can find out more here.

Delivering the vision

Alongside the proposals set out in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan, a series of supplementary planning documents (SPDs) are being developed to support the delivery of the Garden Town and these will be incorporated into an over-arching Masterplan. The Masterplan will have two stages:


As we draw up a masterplan for Aylesbury Garden Town, one of the key aims is to ensure that it incorporates new ideas and technology. Representatives from some of the UK’s most forward-thinking cities have shared their knowledge with us. We’ve spoken with key strategists from Peterborough, which won the World Smart City Award in 2015, and also Milton Keynes Futures 2050, to hear what they’re doing to ensure their cities continue to grow and prosper. And we’ve also met with digital analysts and sustainable housing experts, including Amazon Web Services and the Building Research Establishment, who’ve helped us think about what might be possible. Watch the video below to hear what some of them had to say: